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Cleansing Bath- Thaipusam Festival | Zeiss Touit f2.8 12mm | Jameskhoo | The Premier Gallery for Fuji Photographers

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Malaysia Jameskhoo

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fujifilmimages.com photo 43510
04-8-16 3:06 AM
Really a great image with good dynamics, a solid composition and a good story to go with it. Great light cought in an excellent way! What lens (WideAngle) did you use here?
fujifilmimages.com photo 41486
12-28-15 1:26 PM
Amazing. Great capture in every way!
fujifilmimages.com photo 43018
05-20-15 4:31 PM
So cool.
fujifilmimages.com photo 41486
02-14-14 11:20 AM
lovely image!

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