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fujifilmimages.com photo 43745
04-16-17 11:51 PM
A rather seldom picture of a Hippo. Usually they are submerged in the water with only the nostrils visible. This here gives us a chance to study the beautifully structure and coloration of the skin on the animal! Thanks for this picture!
fujifilmimages.com photo 43746
03-13-17 8:44 PM
That's the cutest giraffe, it has personality! Wonderful shot. with best regards, Lilia
fujifilmimages.com photo 42612
05-28-15 6:43 PM
I thought I liked the B&W better, but I can't make up my mind. Beautiful shot!
fujifilmimages.com photo 42960
05-28-15 5:04 PM
Cool how the light hits the ripples in the sand. Color one is pretty awesome too, but I like the B&W better.
fujifilmimages.com photo 42612
04-10-15 2:16 PM
Jorge, I have uploaded a BW version.

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