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Am I the only one alive here....?

Norway walter | 2016-07-08 | Viewed 1215 times | Bottom
Hi folks!
Pull yourselfes together and get some more activity into this wonderful site for us FujiFilm camera owners and Photo-Buffs. Try and look at uploadet pictures with new eyes and with some interrest - and if you just feel ANYTHING - write down your thoughts about the image.

- It really isn't difficult, you know! Just some exercise for your index-finger on the keyboard, really!! Otherwise, I am afraid that Jorge has to close down this page, if it does not generate enough traffic and "CLICKS" - after all - that is what counts for the owner of such a site. Without "Clicks" there is no advertisement income !!

No income = shut down!

Be kind to your neighbor and fellow-photographer and get your finger out!

Best regards from Norway,

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