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🕐 2021-09-15
Moved to a new server. Let me know if you see any issues pop up. Thanks
🕐 2021-07-09
Cool new feature. To change the home page layout between gallery and portal mode, just click on the icon at the top of the page that looks like this https://www.zeissimages.com/siteimages/icons/gray_convert_96.png
🕐 2021-03-08
Do you prefer the square profile pictures or the round ones. You can see the difference by simply switching between Dark and Light theme.
🕐 2021-01-20
🕐 2019-06-03
L-MountImages.com is up and running https://www.fujifilmimages.com/topic/100001

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🕐 10-17-21 6:51 AMwalter posted Click to view details
Photo 100242
Photo by: walter
Thank you, fujifilmimages Switzerland (and Grüezi!), for your Thumbs Up to this image!
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🕐 07-30-21 2:27 AMwalter posted Click to view details
Redneck-Cruiser ...
Photo by: walter
He-He! It could look like "trouble" if you want it to - but it is really harmless. Just boys having fun, riding through town in an old Classic American car and drinking beer. It's like this every Wednesday during summer season - except - this time it rained!! I love the effect of the rain on the tarmac.
Thanks for the comment.
🕐 05-30-21 5:25 AMwalter posted Click to view details
Photo 100200
Photo by: nikkor105
I like a good, strong, freshly brewed Espresso-Coffee! The blue gass-flames gives it a nice feel.
🕐 05-29-21 10:46 AMphotosphere42 posted Click to view details
Photo 100209
Photo by: photosphere42
Life is Good!
🕐 04-9-21 1:38 AMwalter posted Click to view details
Photo 100193
Photo by: nikkor105
Beautiful and fresh! Like it.