Comments by Walter Schoffthaler

🕐 07-12-20 2:00 AMwalter
By: walter
Thank you, nikkor105!
🕐 09-9-19 6:19 AMwalter
Photo 100046
So, you treated yourself to a X-H1 ...? How do you find it? I also wanted the X-H1, but not sure if the X-T3 would be a better choice for me, because of the faster AF ...
Best regards,
🕐 06-18-19 10:57 AMwalter
Photo 100016
Thank you, for "holding the fortress" and keep posting images here, Nikkor105 - not many member frequenting this site, unfortunately!
🕐 01-5-19 1:44 AMwalter
By: walter
Thank you for your "Like" nikkor105. This is really only a test of "Polar Coordinates" to get a different look out of an otherwise "boring" image! Gald to be back on FujifilmImages again - I thought that all was lost after Jorge closed it down!
Wish you a happy New Year!
🕐 01-5-19 1:35 AMwalter
October Walk
By: walter
Thank you for your "Like" nikkor105 - I thought that this site was all but alive, because it did close down a while ago and I have not opened it for months!
🕐 08-13-18 11:10 PMwalter
Photo 43899
The motive of this image could be interpreted in various and quite different ways ...!
🕐 08-7-18 6:52 AMwalter
Skaters, late in the afternoon
By: walter
Thank you, nikkor105 - appreciate your comment!
🕐 08-1-18 4:58 AMwalter
Photo - 43897
Interesting house - like something out of a fairytale, especially with that cat on top and that small balcony on the tower. Excentric person who lives there ...?
🕐 04-18-18 1:04 AMwalter
Yellow Rose
By: walter
Thank you for marking my "Yellow Rose"-image with your 'Like'!
🕐 04-5-18 11:47 AMwalter
Photo 43881
Looks like a happy and content (with the photographer) couple! Great details and good control of DOF. I like it!
🕐 01-31-18 4:46 AMwalter
Photo 43865
This reminds me of:
" ...Macht hoch die Tür, die Tore macht weit (Make high the doors, the gates make wide) ... from some lyrics of 1623 ! Nice photo.
🕐 11-18-17 2:49 AMwalter
Spruce Forest II with Movement
By: walter
Thank you, nikkor105 - for the 'Like' to this image!
🕐 10-15-17 2:19 AMwalter
Abstract - Rain on Windshield
By: walter
Thank you, nikkor105, for marking my abstract image with your 'Like'!
🕐 10-1-17 8:50 AMwalter
Tail Lights
By: walter
Thank you, for the 'Like' to this image, nikkor105!
🕐 07-29-17 2:44 AMwalter
Niagara Falls
By: bijan
Impressive view, topped with a skyline and nice evening light.
🕐 07-17-17 3:32 AMwalter
By: walter
Thank you - tclair and nikkor105 - for the 'Like' to this image of mine!
🕐 07-10-17 7:08 AMwalter
By: walter
Thank you for your 'Like' to this image, nikkor105!
🕐 06-6-17 12:18 AMwalter
Beech Forest in Norway
By: walter
Thank you for viewing my images and for the well appreciated comment to this one, tclair!
Best regards,
🕐 05-12-17 6:44 AMwalter
Photo 43772
Very nice landscape, Nikkor105 - with interresting foreground!
🕐 04-22-17 6:23 AMwalter
Mellow Evening on the Boat
By: walter
Thanks a lot, lillia - for viewing my images and for the 'Like' to this one! I appreciate the time you take to comment! Best regards from Norway,
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