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Photo: 27119

walter - 01-2-16 4:45 AM
For your information, Lillia - these are Seagulls. The heavy speckeled ones are less than a year old. They grow "out of their speckles" as they get older and get a clean white head as adults. This does not change anything with the picture, as it is still the same good picture, I have just pushed the 'Like'-button to!
Best regards,
Walter (who has Seagulls as closest neighbours - live on the coast!)
lilia - 12-30-15 8:42 PM
For some reason the pigeons always sit in this area. Probably best place for fish, depending on the tide.
Wishing you and yours a very healthy & happy new year!
steve g - 12-30-15 6:33 PM
First glance had me commenting "There's always One". But I see that there are others. Fun shot.