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Subject: New life for FujifilmImages. com!

Category: Feedback

Posted: 05-25-19 5:47 AM

By: Walter Schoffthaler

Thank you, Jorge (TJ) for NOT closing down this site. For some days this week, when I could not access this site, I was afraid that also got closed down - but now I see that you have updated the UI and software to be i line with the rest (Nikon, Zeiss, etc.) of your ImageGalleries.

Thank you for your effort - I hope that we will se an increase of members here soon ..!
Best regards,

Walter from Norway

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Reply from J T on 05-31-19 10:05 PM

Thanks for th ekind wordsWalter. Hope all is well with you and pictures are coming along.  I have now invested into the L mount systems and have started as you can imagine.

Can't wait to see some pictures here with the new 100MP Fuji :)

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