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Posted: 01-3-22 6:50 PM - Views: 302

By: Fo-tik

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I don't know if the same person is the admin for and all the 'sister sites' shown in the icons at the bottom of this page, but I tried to sign up for the site and it failed.

It seems there is something called Captcha Image Verification that is not working. Where there should be showing a sequence of letters and numbers in picture format, that then need to be typed into a box, there is only a placeholder icon. When clicking on the placeholder icon, another tab opens and says this page is not working. So the registration requirement needs that CIV code, but there is nothing being displayed in order to enter it in a text box.

If the admin for is not the same as for, could you please notify the nikonimages admin that it needs to be fixed, please? BTW - I tried both Opera and Edge browsers with the same results. These are currently the only browsers I trust.

Thanks for reading.


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