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For Fuji shooters - film simulation 'recipes'

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For Fuji shooters - film simulation 'recipes'

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Posted: 01-26-22 2:25 PM - Views: 295

By: Fo-tik

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Not a question... more of an FYI -

For Fuji shooters who use the builtin film simulations that come with your Fuji cameras, if you have not yet heard of Ritchie Roesch, do yourself a favor and go to

Ritchie and others around the world have built and/or compiled film 'recipes' that closely match many of the old film stocks that are, or were available. Ritchie also has tweaked the recipes to work with many of the X-Trans versions, Bayer and GFX sensors. 

I've been following and using Ritchie's recipes for years. A personal favorite of mine: Agfa Scala 200. I have my little X-E3 set to use Agfa Scala 200 recipe permanently. I have an adapted C/Y 28mm that stays mounted on the X-E3 permanently. When I pick up that camera my intention is to shoot only black and white images at 42mm FoV all the while I'm using that combination. It's my 'poor man's Leica Mono.'

If you check out Ritchie's site, enjoy! If not, please be safe and well and keep shooting!



Apologies to all if any of this information is a repeat from previous posts.

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